Tippet Selected for RCS Film Festival & Reviewed

Sophie Kenny has had one of her most recent short films accepted into 'Red Carpet Screenings' Film Festival UK. 

'Strangers in a cinema' reviewed her film after the event

"Another 48 hour effort that has rightly earned some awards for director Sophie Kenny. Tippet is a powerful and beautifully put together short that certainly doesn’t hang around but definitely leaves you thinking. The sci-fi ‘Pinocchio’ concept works fantastically well and the production design is a marvel (especially on a budget), this coupled with a thoughtful script and some great performances mean that this should not be missed."



Source: http://strangersinacinema.com/2014/01/30/r...

Sophie Kenny receives 'Best Director' award

Sophie has received three awards at the prestigious 48 Hour Film Festival held in the Southwest of England for her film 'Tippet'.

These included 'Best Editing' and 'Best Directing'.

'Tippet' is Sophie's latest Directoral piece, written by Simon Schneider and with the the help of talented Cinematographer Anne Mouli Castillo. Starring Robin Brown as 'the childmaker', Madeline Mckinnon-wardell as 'Tippet' and Rhiannon Spencer as 'The Client'.

'Tippet' tells the futuristic story of a back street 'child-maker' who makes designer robotic children for high- end clients. When the time comes to hand over the latest order, the child maker is faced with a unexpected situation which forces the him to question not only his line of work, but the meaning of life itself.

The film was written, casted, shot, edited, mixed and composed in just under 48 hours at part of the challenge. 


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